MICROSESAME CUBE, centralised security system and BMS

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Our unified monitoring software, MICRO-SESAME, centralises all the building electronic information.

Different features are monitored using a common graphical interface, making it simple to use and making interventions more effective.

Interaction between systems can be completely automated (actions on events), ensuring a rapid event processing.

Access controls

  • Up to 40 000 readers from all technologies (proximity, biometry, car plate readers…)
  • Profile-based or authorisation-based individual access management.
  • Simple or reinforced access control (anti-passback, single access detection, keypad codes…)
  • Multi-site management, zone management, reader group management
  • Visitor reception, tracking systems (bracelets), lift management, car park spaces…


  • 40 960 logical or analogical points on one or several sites
  • All detection technologies (radars, contacts, infrarred barriers…)
  • Alarm acknowledgement, based on operator category
  • Other system automations (video, access control )
  • Transmissions towards monitoring stations

Technical control

  • Fire alarms, defaults and technical events
  • Energy management: consumption monitoring, programming options …
  • Management of heating, mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning, domestic water: Start/stop, scheduling, operating modes (frost protection, economy, comfort, …)
  • History, graphs and reports

MICRO-SESAME is a powerful and sustainable tool.

In terms of sustainable security, different architectures are proposed and the use of market standards ensures your system evolution and sustainability: IP network, RS485 bus, latest Windows and SQL compatibilities, TSE thin clients, etc.

MICRO-SESAME a federative and open system.

By integrating gateways, SDK and standard protocols (MODBUS, OPC), information from industrial equipment and external sites can be monitored, acting as hypervisor.

MICRO-SESAME, simple and ergonomic.

User experience is improved by integrating features such as graphical interfaces, automatic synchronisation of company databases or the use of portable equipment.

MICRO-SESAME Brochure MICRO-SESAME Functional outline MICRO-SESAME Architecture

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