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Since its start, TIL TECHNOLOGIES studies, designs and manufactures integrated reliable solutions to meet the requirements of as many applications as possible in the field of Security and technical control of Buildings.

Research, Innovation and Development

The research, innovation and development at TIL is divided into two main areas: Hardware development and Software development.
In terms of investments, R&D represents around 20% of the staff and nearly 1.5 million euros in 2012.

The R&D teams are characterized by their inventiveness and responsiveness, which follow three major development principles:

  • Flawless security: security of the building but also of the system itself.
  • Evolution capabilities and durability: interoperability, integration of third party systems, configurable solutions…
  • Optimisation and sustainable development: decrease in power consumption, increase in product life-cycle, reduction of wirings…

To encourage the development of innovative projects, TIL TECHNOLOGIES has joined the world competitiveness centre "Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées", including all relevant actors in microelectronics, software, telecommunication, du multimedia services and ICT in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

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Advice, support and service

TIL TECHNOLOGIES markets its solutions through a network of integrator partners. A close collaboration has been established with them since its start, so as to ensure a high-quality and local service everywhere in France.

TIL TECHNOLOGIES provides support to their partners at all stages of their project:

  • Audit and advice
  • Technical and cost study
  • Operations support
  • Training
  • Technical support

Company overview and new products (2016)


Les engagements TIL TECHNOLOGIES

TIL wants to achieve economic performance in respecting the environment and social equity.

High Security ANSSI

Quality approach

With the Certification First Level of Security TIL guarantees the high security of its products and its solution MICROSESAME.


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French leader in physical access security of professional site, VITAPROTECH GROUP has 300 employees divided on 8 companies over the world.



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