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All the following functions can now be supervised by a unique system: protecting your property and your employees, monitoring your technical equipment, controlling your energy consumption.
The choice of this system is of paramount importance for building security managers as well as for manufacturers.

A wise investment…

Choose efficiency

TIL TECHNOLOGIES systems are integrated, multi-function and modular systems, developed to be ergonomic and easy to install.

Choose upgradability

In terms of software, third-party system integration or computing environment, the TIL supervisor continuously integrates new features and compatibilities, to comply with the customer requirements (biometry, multi-technology badges, video systems…).
At a hardware level, most of our products are designed to evolve. For instance, in the case of a badge technology change, all PROXILIS readers can be reprogrammed with a new reading applet.

Choose operability

TIL TECHNOLOGIES hardware and software follow the standards in force. They allow a complete interoperability.
To ensure the best possible integration of the third-party systems, and especially the follow-up of the interfacings, TIL TECHNOLOGIES has built technologic partnerships with other manufacturers, such as ABLOY, SORHEA, COMMEND, GEUTEBRUCK…

Choose durability

The first generations of the TIL TECHNOLOGIES automated systems have just been removed from the product catalogue after 20 years. The sites equipped with these systems at that time are still in operation now, which proves the excellent material life-cycle.
When designing new products, TIL TECHNOLOGIES always imposes an upward compatibility with the previous generation, through the MICRO-SESAME supervisor.
Moreover, to limit the risks for software obsolescence, TIL TECHNOLOGIES proposes Support and maintenance contracts (AMCO).

Why choose our solutions?


Les engagements TIL TECHNOLOGIES

TIL wants to achieve economic performance in respecting the environment and social equity.

High Security ANSSI

Quality approach

With the Certification First Level of Security TIL guarantees the high security of its products and its solution MICROSESAME.


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French leader in physical access security of professional site, VITAPROTECH GROUP has 300 employees divided on 8 companies over the world.



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