CUBE Control units and modules

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TIL TECHNOLOGIES proposes a complete range of access control units on TCP/IP Ethernet network, running autonomously or centralized by the MICROSESAME software.

In 2020, TIL TECHNOLOGIES started a New Generation of automate, more powerful, adaptable and more secure. This New Generation is certified by the ANSSI.

Multi-function control unit
3 RS485 encrypted buses

24 access control readers (8 per bus)

Up to 600 000 access control IDs

128 weekly time schedules

Up to 256 inputs or 128 outputs per bus

32 alarm groups

24 operating keyboards (8 per bus)
Specialized modules
TACTILLYS CUBE : Intrusion operation
Touchscreen keypad

MLP2 CUBE : Access control
2 transparent readers

MLIO16 CUBE : Intrusion detection & BMS
16 configurable inputs/Outputs

EQUILOCK CUBE: Intrusion detection
64 sensors per bus

MLR8 CUBE : 8 relay outpout extension


The TILLYS CUBE control units are fully compatible with the specialized remote modules of the previous generation (NG V3 and V2 bus, ML an MD specialized remote modules).
It is possible to mix CUBE, NG V3 and V2 buses on the same TILLYS CUBE (max 1 technology per bus).

ANSSI CSPN - Architecture 1

Associated with the EVOLUTION transparent readers and the MLP2 CUBE module, TILLYS CUBE is CSPN certified and is conform to the ANSSI Architecture.
All communications are encrypted and the MLP2 CUBE module protects encryption keys in a SAM/HSM "strongbox" wich is EAL5+ certified.

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Les engagements TIL TECHNOLOGIES

TIL wants to achieve economic performance in respecting the environment and social equity.

High Security ANSSI

Quality approach

With the Certification First Level of Security TIL guarantees the high security of its products and its solution MICROSESAME.


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French leader in physical access security of professional site, VITAPROTECH GROUP has 300 employees divided on 8 companies over the world.



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