13.56 MHz readers

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The 13.56 MHz proximity badge readers correspond to the most popular standards on the market.

Regardless of a memory organization by sector or file, main secured and multi-applicative badges on the market use this reading frequency: MIFARE Classic, MIFARE +, DESFIRE, DESFIRE EV1, ULTRALIGHT C, ICAO, ICLASS, etc.



TIL TECHNOLOGIES has provided a new generation of 13.56 MHz readers, fully configurable, evolving and secured.

The EVOLUTION range of readers are simultaenously compatible with the whole Mifare® ID family : Ultralight, Ultralight C, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire and DESFire EV1.

Scalable and modular, they can be adapted to any security strategy.
The EVOLUTION range of readers can be programmed to read UID numbers or secure data (files or sectors) stored in protected areas.

The modular nature of the EVOLUTION series offers the required flexibility to extend, to upgrade the security level, or to perform technological migrations across your sites.

EVOLUTION readers are composed of add-on modules that can be tailored to your needs. Most of the EVOLUTION readers can be declined into a biometric solution by adding an easy-to-connect biometry component.

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