Critical sites, prisons and military sites

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Regardless of the objective (prisoner isolation; access control to armament and equipment; protection of strategic comandment zones and confidential information), critical sites have a common point when it comes to putting in place reinforced security measures.
To prevent piracy, espionnage, sabotage or escape, strong authentication solutions must be implemented ensuring impermeability (biometry, double identification, video control…) and security (encryption, security keys…).

TIL TECHNOLOGIES offers 4 different types of solutions:

Control access to sites and facilities

  • Authenticating users with biometry, reinforced controls (badge + keypad code) or visual control (video verification).
  • Customising access rights: access to critical zones based on specific profiles, grades, schedules and validity dates.
  • Monitoring sites and surrounding areas by implementing video surveillance and perimeter intrusion detection (active gates, infrarred barriers…) solutions.
  • Optimizing field inspection with the round assistance tool or portable readers for randomized controls.

Protect staff and individuals

  • Isolating access to areas where hazardous goods (explosives, guns, etc…) are stored. Access is granted depending on technical authorisations or staff grades.
  • Limiting access by implementing single access detection solutions.
  • Detecting any staff anomaly by monitoring LWP (Lone Worker Protection) equipments.
  • Managing crisis and evacuations with a POB (People on board) assistance plan: real-time inventory, zone updates (secured/ non secured areas), edition of organization charts…

Control circulation

  • Implementing single access detection solutions (turnstiles, controlled single-file lines…)
  • Managing site visitors and subcontractors via a specific interface containing preregistration, ID card scan, real-time presence and other features.
  • Monitoring distant access by integrating interphone and video verification solutions.
  • Facilitating car access by implementing long-distance badge readers or car plate recognition solutions.

Communication, data and system protection

  • Ensure offline availability in case of network failure (autonomous access control units) or server failure (redundancy).
  • Prevent badge piracy (cloning) by securing access to badge data via encrypted keys.
  • Control security staff actions (history of operator actions).
  • Protect confidentiality of certain badge carriers by using the invisible list feature: their circulation is not visible for certain operators (information will be displayed depending on access rights).
  • Share databases to prevent duplicates (errors, access rights failure, etc.).



  • Naval Defense (DCNS)
  • Armée de l’air (French Air Force)
  • Armée de terre (French Army)
  • Casabianda prison
  • Prison of La Réunion
  • Marseille juvenile centre
  • Charleroi Law Court
  • Court of Marseille
  • Court of Metz
  • Ministry of Defense
  • AIEA
  • CEA
  • EADS


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