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Our technical support and hardware after-sales teams are available for further information:

  • Phone : +33 (0)4 42 37 17 07
  • Mail :


If you need to return hardware products to TIL TECHNOLOGIES, whether new or needing to be repaired, please follow the procedures below:

Procedure for returning installed equipment for repair (Hardware after-sales service):

In the event of a malfunction noted on an equipment supplied by TIL TECHNOLOGIES, before any return, a call to our customer service department is necessary for a diagnosis (+33 (0)4 42 37 17 07).

Here is the complete procedure:

  • 1. After agreement, the customer service will give you an RMA return number you will have to write on the package and on the form (available by clicking here).
  • 2. Please return your package with a copy of the form, writing clearly the RMA number on the package.
  • 3. No package will be processed without this RMA number. Please also have your RMA number available for future correspondence.
  • 4. Once the package is received, a technical analysis will validate the condition of the equipment and the cause of the malfunction. There are then 3 possible cases :
  • 5-a. If the equipment is under warranty and the malfunction is covered by the warranty, the equipment will either be repaired or exchanged, at the choice of TIL TECHNOLOGIES.
  • 5-b. If the equipment is out of warranty or if the failure is not covered by the warranty, a repair or replacement estimate will be established and sent to the customer for acceptance.
  • - In case of refusal, the equipment will be returned to the customer.
    - In case of no response within 3 months, the equipment will be destroyed.
  • 5-c. If the equipment proves to be functional, the technical analysis will be invoiced 50 € ex VAT.

Authorisation request for returning new product to get a credit note:

In the event of an order error, the products can be returned to us within 3 months after the invoice date.
The equipment, any accessories and the original packaging must be complete and in mint condition.
Either way, a handling fee of 50 € will be applied and an additional discount for third party or specific products (of a minimum of 20%).
Before any return, you must return a form to obtain an RMA number.

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The full procedure:

  • 1. Please download the return form by clicking here, fill it in and send it to the email address indicated.
  • 2. You will be notified of the authorization to return the equipment by returning this form dated and signed by TIL, mentioning the RMA number.
  • 3. Please return your package with a duplicate of the form, clearly marking the RMA number on the package.
  • 4. No package will be processed without an RMA number. Please also have your RMA number ready for future correspondence.
  • 5. Once the package is received, a visual inspection and technical analysis will validate the status of the return. There are four possible cases: 6-a. If all items are confirmed as new, a full credit note will be issued (with deduction of processing fees).
  • 6-b. b. If the material has been damaged, no credit note will be issued.
  • 6-c. If the TIL material is incomplete or the packaging is damaged, an additional 20% discount will be added to the processing fee.
  • 6-d. If non-TIL branded equipment has already been installed, requires reconditioning or reprogramming, no credit note will be issued.


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