Local authorities, administrations and universities

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Local authorities, administration and university facilities have many points in common.
Catering for a large number of people, these sites have many accesses to several buildings at different locations, making surveillance difficult.
They face similar challenges concerning the management of energy and distant automated systems (car access, automatic controls…)
The use of different technologies, the IT deployment and the database sharing are critical common aspects concerning their operating mode.

TIL TECHNOLOGIES can meet these requirements through its hardware and software solutions:

Supervise equipments and goods

  • Preventing theft, facility or goods deterioration by defining customised badge access.
  • Using video surveillance to monitor public places and surrounding areas.
  • Preventing theft on administrative offices by installing electronic cylinders and handles.
  • Providing a tool to assist surveillance rounds.

Save energy

  • Controlling site visitors, subcontractors and temporary collaborators with a specialised interface offering preregistration, schedules, real-time inventory...
  • Implementing car access distant monitorization: video door phones, barriers, retractable barriers in pedestrian areas….
  • Facilitating priority car park access (firefighters, police, elected representatives, employees…) implementing car plate recognition or long-distance badges reading solutions.

Control site flows

  • Monitoring energy consumption with a real-time graphical interface.
  • Activating/deactivating electricity, heating, etc. according to presence or access control circulation.
  • Using badges to ensure access control but also other services such as access to the cafeteria or printing facilities…
  • Managing the use of the existing keys (technical premises, car fleet…) with electronic keypanels.

Develop the potential of your site

  • Centralising the different technologies in use with a common database.
  • Sharing IT resources: a centralised server and client workstations for each site; HR gateways to prevent duplicate data.
  • Organising security monitoring on a zone basis, by defining customised agent rights.
  • Improving interaction between the different systems (intrustion, video, fire, technical alarms) and the concerned services (police, firefighters, technical services).
  • Ensuring the system operational capacity in the event of network failure (by implementing solutions such as server redundancy and offline mode).



  • City and Urban community of Grenoble
  • Urban community of Bordeaux
  • City of Nice
  • Brussels Town Hall
  • Bouches du Rhône General council
  • Alpes Maritimes General council
  • Languedoc Roussillon Regional seat of government
  • PACA Regional seat of government
  • University of Paris VI – Pierre & Marie Curie
  • University of Bordeaux I
  • National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble
  • ESSEC - Cergy-Pontoise Campus
  • HEC - Jouy-en-Josas campus
  • Rennes prefecture
  • Guadeloupe prefecture
  • Ministry of Health
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris
  • French child benefit office in Les Hauts de Seine
  • Public office of development and contruction in Lyon
  • Local government finance office of Seine-Maritime


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