Health and research centers

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Security needs in health centers are specific and in some cases contradictory.
Being a public space catering for a large number of people, the hospital must prevent theft or deterioration of expensive material, protect sterile spaces or isolate dangerous products. The facility surface, the staff management and the visitor flows are key parameters to consider in terms of health center security.

The TIL TECHNOLOGIES solutions cover the different health center security needs:

Protect sites and facilities

  • Preventing theft, facility or medical material deterioration by defining customised badge access.
  • Using video surveillance or the round assistance tool to monitor car parks, technical premises or private areas.
  • Preventing theft of pharmaceutical products by installing electronic keypanels.
  • Preventing theft in patient rooms by installing electronic handles.

Supervise equipment

  • Filtering access to the night Emergency Service with the help of interphones and video monitoring.
  • Monitoring dependants or babies with tracking systems (bracelets).
  • Authorising access to hazardous materials (inflammable, toxic products…) stock rooms depending on employee technical authorisations.
  • Reducing contaminantion risks by implementing single access solutions.

Control flows and optimize operations

  • Facilitating vehicule priority (ambulances) and car park access during peak hours by implementing solutions such as car plate readers or long-distance readers.
  • Managing subcontractors and temporary collaborators with the visitor reception application.
  • Managing staff (for instance, temporary staff such as interns, etc) with gateways to connect to HR software.
  • Granting staff priority access (lift, car park, etc).

Develop the potential of your site

  • Monitoring access control, intrusion, video, interphones and many more on a same graphical interface.
  • Searching for events: alarms, staff circulation, video surveillance.
  • Remotely managing several buildings from a same system.
  • Sharing hospital databases to avoid duplicates, errors, etc.
  • Ensuring the system operational capacity in case of network failure.



  • University Hospital of Strasbourg
  • Public Hospitals of Lyon
  • University Hospital of Bordeaux
  • University Hospital of Rennes
  • Intercommunal University Hospital of Montreuil
  • Regional Healthcare Centre of Orléans
  • Healthcare Centre of Beauvais
  • Healthcare Centre of Perpignan
  • Healtcare Centre of Aix en Provence
  • Healthcare Centre of Chambéry
  • Healthcare Centre and Henri Mondor ambulance service of Créteil
  • La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital of Paris 5
  • St Joseph Hospital of Marseille
  • Gustave Roussy Institute of Villejuif
  • BIOTRIAL medical research centre
  • Several nursing and retirement homes


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